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Back in 1982 when we opened UMMM's we brought over the Kofé Family from the land of Arabica.  Through the years of watching this market we noticed one reoccurring theme.  Everybody took everything so seriously and no one seemed to be having fun.  That's when we stepped in.

In 1997, for those keeping track, with the growing Kofé market and your growing enthusiasm, we gave the family some space and added some humor.  We attacked the names and descriptions of different concoctions for the fun of it.  For those traditionalists, we give you the real name and definition in addition to our humor.  That was how Kofé Korner was born.

Every year we keep growing.  This year is not only a growing year, but also a very exciting year as well.

So, to answer the question - what's Kofé Korner?  The answer is simple.  Kofé Korner is the place to find all of your caffeine cravings!  So, look over the menu and have a little fun with the Kofé family.  I am sure that we have something that will tickle your taste buds.

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