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Create a Flavor

One of the things I am most often asked is
how do you come up with new flavors?

There are three ways this is done:
UMMM Ice Cream Production

1.) From customer suggestions as well as the type of Sundaes they choose.  For instance, Vanilla with Crushed Cherries – we call that Sweet Cherry.

2.) Flavors can be made by accident or out of necessity.  Oops, Cool Blue - well that is our Mint Chocolate Chip without the chips. Yes our Mint chocolate chip starts out being blue and in the Fall we change it to Orange.

3.) Creativity of the staff and myself.  We mixed chocolate ice cream with not only brownie dough, but cookie dough as well – we call that one Dough Yo!!

The next question is, what are your top ten flavors?

First let me say that we have over 250 different flavor recipes and each season we offer about 75 different flavors.  Not all at one time mind you, but twenty are offered for you to chose from on a rotating basis throughout the season.

Top Ten Flavors:
UMMM Ice Cream Parlor Freezer

1.     Vanilla

2.     Chocolate

3.     Mint Chocolate Chip

4.     Butter Almond

5.     Strawberry

6.     Rosanna Banana Dana (Banana ice cream)

7.     Kofé – we offer several varieties of this flavor

8.     Cheesecake – Wether it is Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate, Banana Chip, or Fudge Chip Cheesecake you love them all

9.     Any flavor that has cookies or doughs in them

10.  Pure toss up on this one – hey we have so many flavors

How does a flavor make the top ten?

First is by requesting it and second and most important is eating it.

When is your favorite flavor coming?

Well that depends on you!  The more you eat the faster they change.  Eating the basic flavors is appreciated, however it doesn’t help change the special ones.

Have a suggestion for a flavor?

Send it to createaflavor@ummmicp.com

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